Ryxskin Beauty & Immunity Shot Collagen Drink, 8 Bottles

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Want to start your day brighter and healthier from within? Drink 1-2 bottles of RyxSkin Liquid Collagen a day! It’s your Beauty and Immunity in 1 shot! 

Get snapshots of these benefits:
✨Builds stronger & healthier hair, nails and teeth
✨Strengthens joints and ligaments to prevent injuries
✨Build stronger bones to prevent bone fractures
✨Improves joint mobility and flexibility
✨Promotes weight loss
✨Reduces wrinkles and skin aging
✨Hydrates and moisturizes skin from inside
✨Smoothens cellulites, stretch marks & acne scars

Enjoy 8 bottles in 1 tub! Pang-malakasan! Sabayan mo pa ng consistency and healthy lifestyle!


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