Myra Ultimate Vitamin E Astaxanthin Lycopene Dietary Supplement

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Breakthrough skin supplement with astaxanthin, vitamin E, and lycopene.
Helps bring out standout beauty at any age. Helps gives the skin a natural and healthy glow. Helps fight signs of skin aging (fine lines & dark spots) for youthful-looking skin. Best for ages 35 and above, ideal for those looking for products that help reduce signs of skin aging.       

Though they say beauty is skin deep, how your skin looks can affect your self-confidence. In achieving healthy skin, you need a regular and reliable beauty regimen. While cleansers and moisturizers are a must, adding beauty vitamins to your daily routine can help you achieve lasting, healthy skin from within. Lasting, healthy skin starts from within. Get the standout glow that sparks confidence with the help of Myra. Myra Ultimate contains astaxanthin, vitamin E and lycopene which help fight signs of skin aging, with continued use, proper diet and exercise. Its main active ingredient is astaxanthin, a breakthrough skin nutrient that helps reduce fine lines and lighten dark spots. Directions Take 1-2 softgel capsules daily. Best taken at night or before bedtime.
Content: 30 Capsules

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