G21 Glass Skin Set

G21 Glass Skin Set

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G21 Glass Skin Set

Rose Liquor-Toner - 100ml
🌹Anti Oxidant & Anti Aging
🌹Protects Skin from UV Radiation
🌹Relieves Inflamation
🌹Soothes skin irritations
🌹Fights acne
🌹Treat Eczema
🌹Removes dead skin
Pwede siya maging make up remover!!!

Perfect Skin Serum - 15ml
🌺Lightens darkspots and pimple marks
🌺Treat acne-prone and irritated skin as well
🌺Leaves beautiful glowing skin

Kojic Papaya + Honey Oatmeal Soap - 150g
🍁Kojic (to lighten visible sun damage)
🍁Papaya (vitamin A and Papain Enzyme)
🍁Oatmeal & Honey (effective natural remedy for skin lightening & brightening)

Products are all made from organic ingredients, so its definitely safe to use.


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