Cherifer Syrup w/ Taurine & CGF + Zinc, 240mL

Cherifer Syrup w/ Taurine & CGF + Zinc, 240mL

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lemon-flavored vitamin preparation with Chlorella Growth Factor formulated with 100% RDA of elemental Zinc maintains the integrity of the human immune system

Cherifer Syrup is a food supplement that helps maximize growth potential &, strengthens the immune system to increase overall resistance to stress &, infections.
-Enhances appetite.
-Promotes tissue repair &, healing, further develops brain functions.
-Prevents &,/or corrects nutritional deficiencies.
-Improves vision.
-Shortens duration &, severity of colds, malaria, pneumonia &, diarrhea.
-Best taken during growth gap yr (2-6 yr).

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Contains Chrollera growth factor, taurine, L-lysine HCI, vitamin A, vitamin B-Complex, zinc

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